Thanks to Retino, has great overview of returns and exchanges. Moreover, they save 70 % of time.

Thanks to Retino, can watch their returns and exchanges conveniently. Also, they have saved 70 % of time. is a Czech e-shop with furniture and household items. The e-shop has its own storage with over 10 000 products, available for an immediate delivery to customers.The e-shop started using Retino by the beginning of 2019. We are, obviously, curious about their rating of the Retino application. We asked Mr. Petr Kuneš, one of the owers of, what the first half-year with Retino has brought to them.

Before Retino, what system did you use for processing returnsand exchanges?

In the past, we had all the tickets recorded in two Excel tables and one in-house system. We communicated with our customers via e-mail or phone. So we were using the mainstream solution used by most e-shops, I guess.

How did your conversion to Retino go?

From the technical point of view, to start using Retino was not a problem at all. The hardest part for us was setting the steps and processes appropriately. I have make some sketches on paper and set it up in Retino subsequently. Now I keep editing and improving the processes. Right settings is definitely the most important part. If you capture all aspects right, you will save a lot of future work and problems.

Can you name three main benefits that Retino brings to you?

1. Keeping an eye on deadlines
We can immediately see when the certain ticket is to be closed. The evidence of tickets is really great!
2. Clear and well-defined process
We have to deal with many many returns, and Retino has helped us to standardise the process. It decreases the time of solving each ticket.
3. Noticeable save of time
Once we have Retino tuned up to satisfy all our needs and set up the automations, we are saving about 70 % of time which was previously being spent on routine tasks.
4. I have to add one more point.
The customers now don´t shout at us as much as before. They look positively at the professional approach we have towards returns and exchanges. Which is also the reason why the main metrics we are monitoring with Retino is the customers´ tickets rating.

Can you please summarzie your experience with Retino?

Retino means a really big benefit for our e-shop. At the beginning, we have thoroughly set up all the processes which we now profit from on a daily basis. Today, everything runs perfectly and we are monitoring each ticket individually. Customers communication has been centralized and made easier. I would recommend this single system to everyone. uses Retino to pursue extra customer care. This strategy turs out as highly profitable in the long run.

Topgal uses Retino to pursue extra customer care. This strategy turs out as highly profitable in the long run.

Mr. Zoltán Korcsmáros is the leader of customer support at We talked about ther returns and exchanges solutions and about their approach towards customers generally. is rated 99 % on (Czech shopping portal). Mr. Korcsmáros revealed some of the steps which contributed to such amazing rating.

What is your sortiment?

We mostly sell bags and briefcases for students.

You are very highly rated on What is your secret?

Yes, out of almost 5000 reviews, we have got only about 40 negative ones. We are trying to provide an absolute maximum to our customers. Sometimes, it´s not that easy, but we believe our customers will appreciate the effort and remember the positive experience in the future.

What does your “maximum” look like?

For example, regarding our exchange process, the services we provide comply with the highest standards. We are offering the customer a substitute back or briefcase which they can use during all the period of exchange process. The customer can send their exchanged product in the box the substituted bag came packed in.

After resolution to the exchange problem, the products simply switch. This way, we try to make the experience easy for customers. Our products are used daily and their absence could mean inconveniences otherwise.

How did the Retino implementation go?

It was really easy. We got Retino recommended by our parent e-shop They use the same e-shop system. Subsequent generating of the order feed and connection was all a matter of moment.

The very setting of processes and automation rules took us about two days. The automation then replaced all the repetitive work we had to do before.

How many employers do you need to operate Retino?

Just me and my colleague. Thanks to pre-configured processes and automation, we can monitor each ticket. We don´t miss anything and don´t interfere each other´s work thanks to perfect allocation of tickets.

How did you deal with returns and exchanges before?

We were using a tool similar to Retino and available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We got Retino recommended by our parent company. That´s why we didn´t hesitate with its deployment. We were happy to leave old system, mainly for the lack of flexibility and inability to set our own processes there.

What are main benefits Retino brings to you?

Retino app helps us control the process as a whole. Creating a new ticket is really easy. We appreciate the most that we no longer have to re-write customers´ data again and again. Now we have everything prepared after a few clicks and customers get informed about every step we make. This way we save a lot of time.

Moreover, during the most intense season when the biggest portion of our turnover is created, we can always rely on Retino. Nothing is missed and we have each ticket well outlined. The automation makes communication with customers much easier.

Also, we appreciate the quick and flexible support we get from Retino.

Would you recommend Retino to other e-shops?

Of course!

Thank you for the interview!

Topgal has made a short video describing how the process of returns and exchanges  works  in our e-shop. Take a look!

E-shop saves 75% of time thanks to Retino automatization

E-shop saves 75% of time thanks to Retino automation is an e-shop with secondhand products and 14 days return period. Customer´s happiness is the top priority for This is proven also by the participation in final round of two categories of renomed Czech awards the Křišťáová Lupa. With a pinch of salt, we can say that this unique e-shop is  the love brand no one would expect. started using Retino for processing returns and exchange by the beginning of May 2019. After a month, we have asked them to shortly refer to their experience.

These are the words of one of the founders.

How did the returns process look like after implementing Retino? What is the difference now?

Before, communication with customers regarding returns and exchanges took my colleague about 2 hours a day. FOr now we have shrinked that time to 30 minutes a day! The hour and half of saved time is amazing. Also, now we can have even more people working with Retino simultaneously, so the cases can be distributed easily among them. Before, the colleague had to do it everything on her own.

The most of the time is saved by self-establishment of the return or exchange case by customers, automated communication, delivery to Zásilkovna (delivery point) with one click and preloaded answers.


With implementing Retino, we have rapidly increased the level of customers´ perception of our brand.

We have our own page with all the types of cases that customer can potentially deal with. The link to Exchanges page is the part of our home page. This way, we are showing our transparency and the ability to deal with returns and exchanges and fulfill customers´ requirements effectively.

Customers of course appreciate this approach and feel a sympathy towards our e-shop, even when dealing with exchanges. The customers´ rating of returns and exchanges is now at 97 %.

For the customer, our solution makes a huge difference from the approach when they have to write a mail to and have no idea whether anyone is working on their case and what will the next steps be. On the other hand, when the customer is taken into a complex and interconnected system, they gain a feeling that their case is being processed and we take maximal care of them.

Every single customer gets their unique link for their case processing, all information about the actual state are being send automatically and the customer is able to rate the whole case.

All this would be impossible using only e-mail or phone communication.

Measurement and statisics

The key indicators we are monitoring include the number of cases processed, the duration until finishing a case and the customers´ rating. You will have reallygood knowledge about your cases thanks to Retino.

Today, we have KPIs that we are able to measure and increase. Before implementing Retino, we had to either calculate all the numbers manually, or we didn´t know them at all.

Thanks to statistics and reporting, we get an immediate overview about the current state of returns and exchanges, which we consider a key information.

We are recommending Retino to everyone

As a product, Retino saves our time and increases the customers´ satisfaction. Apart from this, we also appreciate the whole servis and friendly policy, which is not taken for granted.

  • Great technical support, including requests reaction and new functionalities of the app
  • Easy and intuitive manipulation
  • Thanks to API and Webhooks, Retino is connected to accounting, credit notes and information system, which makes our work much easier too.
  • The automatization has solved the problem of immediate refunds, the same day as the return was made

Final reccomendations from

All founders should try the support and communication with their customers. You will come across problems that you had no idea even existed. Conversely, the things you took for granted will probably be disproven. Don´t forget, you are not the customer.