The Importance of Effective Communication with Consumers

The Importance of Effective Communication with Consumers

Communication in the return process starts when you write your terms and conditions. If they are simple and do not discourage your customers, the customers are likely to continue shopping. As a result you can establish a deeper relationship with them. Good communication is the key to retaining your customers.

When a customer chooses to return a product he needs to reconnect with their e-shop.  An effective communication process with the customer at this stage of purchase is important to reduce uncertainty and maintain loyalty to your e-shop. 52% of customers are likely to go somewhere else to get their products if they have a poor customer center experience.

Customers expect simple and seamless communication. They don’t want to remind the e-shop about their problem and want the return process to be resolved quickly. 71% of customers expect to receive a response on returned goods within 2 days. More than a half of these customers expect a response within 1 day.

When checking online reviews, note how often your customers refer to a customer service. Their experience reflects negatively or positively on the e-shop. It is one of the main factors that affects the next purchase.

All it takes is for one customer to be neglected. More than 50% of customers with poor customer center experience share it with more than 5 people. 88% of customers are influenced by reviews of the quality of customer service.  The key feature of your e-shop is the way how you communicate.

Karolína Alvaradová – creates a perfect return process at Retino

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